It’s piling up!

“I can’t see the forest, from the trees!” is a phrase we as PEP consultants often hear when starting a Day 1 with a new PEP Group.

As we see in our line of work,  many participants of the PEP Course are somewhat drowning in backlogs and unfinished work. When we ask them where we as PEP consultants are most likely to help them to improve their efficiency, this is a key-subject named. They regularly complain about not being able to sort the old mail in the inbox, thoroughly read or finish the sometimes long overdue tasks which follow with these mails. This, of course, causes a lot of stress for the participants and usually is one of the main reasons for this stress and leads them into almost instant procrastination.

Not only in the electronic inbox (Outlook, Groupwise, etc.) tasks and mails are piling up for these participants. Even their physical inbox (hereby I mean their To-Do- shelf or in-tray) is often stuffed to the brim with unfinished work, which should have been handled for some time ago, or may even have been laying there for months. Imagine a desk filled with piles of paper and loose notes. Not a pretty sight and certainly distracting!

The before-named related stress these backlogs create can be generally problematic for the participant, because the person will always be looking at these piles (whether they are physical or electronic) and not really having a plan for squashing these. But there are ways to improve this!

Next week we will give you some useful tips on how to gradually reduce your backlog and keep the inbox/in-tray clean and in control!

Remco Visser, PEPworldwide Nederland

Johan Chr. Holst, Redaktør,   Tilbake til hjemmesiden: