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We were hires to conduct a one-on-one Executive PEP® Program for the senior regional leader of a professional services organization in a major US city.  This leader was very intelligent, professionally competent and respected by both his staff and clients.

Before our first visit we emailed ahead our PRE PEP® questionnaire to learn more about the way this executive worked.  The PRE PEP® questionnaire included such issues as what did he do well, what did he wished he could better, what actions he wanted to stop doing,  how he worked with his executive assistant and how he spent his time.

Reviewing his answers on the PRE PEP® questionnaire was the first order of business as we began his first day of PEP®.

However, it became immediately evident that this person was overwhelmed by the number of emails he received each day. Like most people he had figured out how to work Notes over the years but his organization never offered any structured formal training.  He had over 82,000 messages in his In Box and he “could not find a damned thing.”

A quick check of his use of the various modes of Notes such as Calendar, Email, Contacts and   To Dos indicated a very low level of competency or proactive usage.

We made a decision that we had to address this email crises area before any other issue in order help this person improve his personal productivity and effectiveness.

See us next week, same place, same time for the solution.

Bary Sherman, PEPworldwide US

Johan Chr. Holst, PEPww Norway, Redaktør

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