Fra vår kollega Bary Sherman i California har vi mottatt denne samlingen av nyttårsønsker / løfter fra hele den industialiserte verden:


 Fallbrook, December 23, 2010 –  It’s that time to resolve to start to work smarter-not harder, to get more of the right things done in less time, and to do all this with less stress from wherever you are.

 Our work, where we spend so much time, is a place often overlooked in the tradition of New Year’s Resolutions.  Continuing a tradition, PEPworldwide-USA., a partner in the global consortium that developed the PEP Program and the White Collar Productivity Index (WPI), has asked its clients and associates around the world “What’s on your list of tips that have improved your TIME MANAGEMENT SKILLS”    


   1.  Do not multi task – you will waste time and get less accomplished.

  2.  No scroll bar in the email “In-Box” at the end of the day.

  3.  Silence your cell mobile device when in meetings or in open space.  

  4.  Get your mental and physical space organized to save time and energy.  

  5.  Schedule time on your electronic calendar to do your own work.

  6.  Turn off the visual and audio email alerts on your computer.  

  7.  Process your email on a schedule rather than checking it constantly.    

  8.  Schedule time, before you leave, to handle backlogs when you return from vacation.

  9.  Do the “Worst Things First” and reduce procrastinate.  

10.  Treat your Calendar like a map and check often what is coming up ahead.

11.  Populate your calendar with every predictable event that will take your time.

12.  Use “Instant Massaging” only when you need an instant reply.

13.  Put the “big rocks” in your calendar first, fit in other things as you can.

14.  Enable, if available, “delete from your handheld & computer” on your mobile device.

15.  Have your Outlook open to calendar first, not email, to see what your day is like.

According to Lynn Sherman, President of PEPworldwide-USA, “There are many things people can do to improve their effectiveness and reduce stress from wherever they work.  It’s mostly a matter of changing personal habits. These TOP 15 TIME MANAGEMENT RESOLUTIONS for 2011 are simple in nature, but you have to stick with them until they become common routines and everyday habits. Changing behavior is what it takes, and these proven, common-sense tips will help people improve their personal effectiveness and productivity.”

          For helpful tips and proven methods to help improve any of the TIME MANAGEMENT RESOLUTIONS for 2011 contact:

PEPworldwide clients include such prominent organizations as Astra Zeneca, Ernst & Young, Harris Bank, HP, Kraft Foods, NCR, Toyota and Wrigley.  

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